S. Michelini, Rome

President Elect:
A. Szuba, Warclaw

Immediate Past President:
N. F. Liu, Shanghai

M. H. Witte, Tucson

A. Pissas, Tresques

Executive Committee:
M. Amore, Buenos Aires
R. Baumeister, Munich
F. Boccardo, Genoa
H. Brorson, Malmö

C. C. Campisi, Genoa
E. Dimakakos, Athens
K. Johansson, Lund
G. Manokaran, Chennai
O. Leduc, Brussels
A. Munnoch, Dundee
E. Okada, Toyama
S. Thiadens, San Francisco

Advisory Committee:
C. Campisi, Genoa (Co-Chair)
E. Földi, Hinterzarten (Co-Chair)
C. Papendieck, Buenos Aires (Co-Chair)
M. Bernas (Journal Lymphology)

Young Lymphologists:
M. Amore (Latin America);
C. C. Campisi, S Dessalvi (Europe);
L. Chen, S. Daley (US);
T. Yamamoto (Japan)

# 1

Strength after breast cancer – Strength ABCs

After the PAL trial, many misunderstandings and abuses leads to the onset of lymphedema in patients that had undergone breast cancer treatment, and to lymphedema worsened in patients that already had it.

The Strength ABC is a comprehensive approach that offers a safe, evidence based program for breast cancer survivors training.

Learn how to educate participants about lymphedema and risk reduction habits. Teach the Strength ABC program and how to log the progress. Motivate patients to independently perform progressive weightlifting exercises. Monitor for symptoms and changes.

Lead with logistical considerations.

Establish an efficient business model.

You can do it!

Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, FACSM

Professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. Katie’s research extends from the role of physical activity in the prevention and etiology of obesity related cancers, to the usefulness of activity for rehabilitation and health promotion in cancer survivors of all cancers.

Contact details

  • Arenales 3605 PB1
  • C1425BEW, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Phone: +54 11 4832.2742

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