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# 2

Venolymphatic drainage with an osteophatic approach
(hand-on course)

The insufficient transport capacity of the lymphatic system leads to interstitial fluid accumulation, that is, to edema.

After a congestive phase, the interstitial fluid organizes, the tissues becomes harder, less pliable, and morphological changes arises.

These changes are not only superficial but affects also the deep tissues and the fascias.

Learn how to promote the wash-out of proinflammatory substances and waste products through venolymphatic pump techniques, keeping the interstitial fluid in motion. How to treat and stimulate the organs responsible for excretion and detoxification.

Stimulate the diaphragms. Release of articular restricts, dissolving adhesions to the collagen network through miofascial techniques. Perceive the body rhythm. Organize a treatment schedule.

Hands-on practice.


Guido F. Meert

Born in Aalst, Belgium in 1963. He is currently working in practice in Roding, Bayern. Guido is the Founder, Technical director and Lecturer of the German Osteopathic Skill Center (Deutsches Fortbildunginstitut für Osteopathie). He regularly gives lectures on theoretical and hands-on seminars in Germany and Switzerland. He has authored 3 books, two of them, about the Venolymphatic Drainage from an Osteopathic approach.


September 25th, UCA, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

– Introduction and general concepts
– A deep approach to the manual lymph drainage
– The intersticial fluid as an portable ocean
– The homeostatic function of the lymphatic system: the mantainance of the aquarium
– The battle of immunity
– Free and bounded water
– The pumping activity of the fibroblast-collagenous network
– Wash-out of proinflammatory substances and waste products through venolymphatic pump techniques.
– Keeping the interstitial fluid in motion.
– Dissolving adhesions to the collagen network through miofascial techniques.
– The body rhythm
– General treatment schedule presentation
– In-vivo demostration




September 29th, Mercure Hotel, Iryapú Rainforest Reserve, Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina.


– Myofascial release
– Treatment and stimulation of the organs responsible for excretion and detoxification
– Lymphatic + venous + intraosseus pumping (perfusion fo the tissue)
– Treatment and stimulation of diaphragms
– Release of articular restricts
– Active exercises and general lifestyle / attitude changes

The course is provide in two parts.
The first one in Buenos Aires, mostly theoretical
The second one in Iguazú, mostly practical.



Buenos Aires only: U$D 100
Complete course: U$D 400

Contact details

  • Arenales 3605 PB1
  • C1425BEW, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Phone: +54 11 4832.2742

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