S. Michelini, Rome

President Elect:
A. Szuba, Warclaw

Immediate Past President:
N. F. Liu, Shanghai

M. H. Witte, Tucson

A. Pissas, Tresques

Executive Committee:
M. Amore, Buenos Aires
R. Baumeister, Munich
F. Boccardo, Genoa
H. Brorson, Malmö

C. C. Campisi, Genoa
E. Dimakakos, Athens
K. Johansson, Lund
G. Manokaran, Chennai
O. Leduc, Brussels
A. Munnoch, Dundee
E. Okada, Toyama
S. Thiadens, San Francisco

Advisory Committee:
C. Campisi, Genoa (Co-Chair)
E. Földi, Hinterzarten (Co-Chair)
C. Papendieck, Buenos Aires (Co-Chair)
M. Bernas (Journal Lymphology)

Young Lymphologists:
M. Amore (Latin America);
C. C. Campisi, S Dessalvi (Europe);
L. Chen, S. Daley (US);
T. Yamamoto (Japan)

# 4

International Symposium of Taping for Lymphedema

We would like to invite you to attend the International Symposium of Taping for Lymphedema patients in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 23-24, 2019 during the XXVII World Congress of Lymphology ISL 2019.

This Symposium provides an interesting opportunity to learn about the latest advances in the use of the Taping on patients with lymphedema and the possibility to participate in discussions.

We have the special participation of Dr. Kenzo Kase and other international speakers who will present their experiences and results.

See you soon!

Dr. Kenzo Kase

International Faculty

Creator of the Kinesio-Taping Method

Contact details

  • Arenales 3605 PB1
  • C1425BEW, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Phone: +54 11 4832.2742
  • Elemento de lista

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