S. Michelini, Rome

President Elect:
A. Szuba, Warclaw

Immediate Past President:
N. F. Liu, Shanghai

M. H. Witte, Tucson

A. Pissas, Tresques

Executive Committee:
M. Amore, Buenos Aires
R. Baumeister, Munich
F. Boccardo, Genoa
H. Brorson, Malmö

C. C. Campisi, Genoa
E. Dimakakos, Athens
K. Johansson, Lund
G. Manokaran, Chennai
O. Leduc, Brussels
A. Munnoch, Dundee
E. Okada, Toyama
S. Thiadens, San Francisco

Advisory Committee:
C. Campisi, Genoa (Co-Chair)
E. Földi, Hinterzarten (Co-Chair)
C. Papendieck, Buenos Aires (Co-Chair)
M. Bernas (Journal Lymphology)

Young Lymphologists:
M. Amore (Latin America);
C. C. Campisi, S Dessalvi (Europe);
L. Chen, S. Daley (US);
T. Yamamoto (Japan)

Welcome to Buenos Aires and Iguazu National Park Argentina

Dear Lymphologists, Physical Therapists related to Lymphology, and all colleagues with a relevant interest or curiosity in special topics, like as Oncologists, Angiologists, Dermatologist, Pediatricians, Geneticist, Pathologists, Surgeons, Microsurgeons, and specialties who works with Orphan Pathologies like Lymphedema, and Lymphatic Malformations.

Such a large introduction, remarks our proposal to convene and invite all who are thinking about some aspects of lymphology, the Little Big Sister in Angiology, with the intention toadvance withnew ideas, projects and evidence-based on experience in the battle field of Lymphology, that involves hundreds of millions ofpeople around the World, awaiting our creativity, help and initiative. Our treasure is our knowledge, and our compromise is to offer it.

In honor of our history as society, we would like to organize this World Congress in different sessions such as Images in lymphology, with the name of some of our Pioneers, because the past was a long way to the present. We can move, all together, the present to the future.

One of our targets, is the focused in Diagnosis and Treatment in Lymphology, much more than Lymphedema, but our Consensus Document about lymphedema, is a priority.

Let us reanalyze the reality through during a full immersionat Iguazu, the National Park, a place to think, to be creative, to be ready to help with truth knowledge full of opinion, recognizing our reality, a show that needs compromise around the world, apowerfuldialogue between all and there, YOU are the PROTAGONISTS in a remarkable constructive friendly atmosphere.

For all the news in Lymphology, this is the right opportunity to participate and the moment to recognize our History as Society.

Last, we offer in this way an outstanding Conference, a hard-intellectual effort with new projects for the next 50 years in Lymphology, with the International Society of Lymphology andrelated Scientific Societiesaround the World, in an open space, with time of dialogue between the lymph that moves, and lymph that takes time in our life as physicians for and with Lymphology.

Prof. Dr. Cristobal M. Papendieck
Congress President

Dr. Miguel A. Amore
Congress President

Prof. Dr. Sandro Michelini
President International Society of
Lymphology President

Dear lymphologist collegues, Dear Friends

Knowledge in lymphology is making important progress in the various fields of interest: from genetics to pathophysiology, from molecular biology to drug therapy, from physical therapy to surgical therapy, to prevention. All ages are affected by lymphatic diseases and all the body districts can be affected. More than 300,000 million people, suffering lymphatic system diseases, await ever more decisive answers from scientific research. The International Society of Lymphology is the world’s great home of top experts who, in a friendly but strong and intense atmosphere from the point of view of scientific rigor, periodically confront each other in their international congress.

In 2019 we will meet in Argentina, Buenos Aires and Cataratta, guests of our friends Cristobal Papendieck and Miguel Amore, who are preparing an event (the 27° ISL Congress) that we will be remembered (like those who preceded it) for the importance of the times treated and for the high scientific level that the speakers will ensure with their presence. For these reasons I would like to make an appeal to the entire scientific community that is interested in the lymphatic diseases, but especially to young lymphologists to actively participate in the work to share their experiences with the ‘opinion leaders’ who look to you as the future of discipline and clinical practice. We will do it in the beautiful setting of one of the most beautiful and perhaps least known in the world, reach of that ‘Latin’ passion that guarantees ‘welcome’ and inclusion in a certainly serene and highly productive climate.

See you in Buenos Aires with the usual enthusiasm.

Welcome to the upcoming 27th International Congress of Lymphology!

Physicians, scientists, nurses, therapists, trainees and patients will be gathering from around the world in Buenos Aires and Iguazü September 23-28, 2019, to learn about the latest advances in the science and practice of Lymphology – the study of lymphatics, lymph, lymph nodes, and lymphocytes in health and disease.

During Lymphology’s next 50 years, we anticipate great progress in understanding the structure and function of the lymphatic system down to the molecular level while also witnessing breakthroughs in the evaluation and treatment of common and rare lymphatic system disorders. These advances should lead to more personalized approaches that hold promise to greatly enhance the prevention, detection, prognosis, and quality of life for patients suffering from these conditions.

This 27th Congress will highlight global advances that have already taken place and forecast the future on the horizon as the lymphatic system’s mysteries and challenges are unraveled. The biennial conference of symposia, courses, distinguished lectures, multispecialty panels, oral presentations, posters, clinics, and social activities is set in the exciting cosmopolitan venue of Buenos Aires in the heart of Latin America with a post-conference overlooking the spectacular Iguazu Falls.

We look forward to welcoming you in person in September 2019!

Marlys Hearst Witte, MD
Professor of Surgery
University of Arizona
Secretary-General, International Society of Lymphology

Prof. Dr. Marlys Hearst Witte
Secretary-General, International Society of Lymphology

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