S. Michelini, Rome

President Elect:
A. Szuba, Warclaw

Immediate Past President:
N. F. Liu, Shanghai

M. H. Witte, Tucson

A. Pissas, Tresques

Executive Committee:
M. Amore, Buenos Aires
R. Baumeister, Munich
F. Boccardo, Genoa
H. Brorson, Malmö

C. C. Campisi, Genoa
E. Dimakakos, Athens
K. Johansson, Lund
G. Manokaran, Chennai
O. Leduc, Brussels
A. Munnoch, Dundee
E. Okada, Toyama
S. Thiadens, San Francisco

Advisory Committee:
C. Campisi, Genoa (Co-Chair)
E. Földi, Hinterzarten (Co-Chair)
C. Papendieck, Buenos Aires (Co-Chair)
M. Bernas (Journal Lymphology)

Young Lymphologists:
M. Amore (Latin America);
C. C. Campisi, S Dessalvi (Europe);
L. Chen, S. Daley (US);
T. Yamamoto (Japan)

– Basic Lymphology (Phylogeny, Ontogeny, Applied Anatomy, Lymphatic Haemodynamics and Fluid Mechanics)

– Lymph angiogenesis / Hemangiogenesis and vascular growth factors

– Vascular Anomalies

– Imaging of the Lymphatic diseases (Lymphoscintigraphy, Spect CT, ICG Lymphopgraphy, MR,
  Ultrosonography – Duplex scanning, Elasto Sonography).

– Genetics Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells and Epigenetics

– Cancer metastasis through the lymph vascular system

– Primary and secondary lymphedema

– Phlebo-lymphedema

– Lymphedema

– Taping in Lymphedema

– Pediatric lymphology

– Epidemiology of Lymphedema

– Surgical treatment (Vascularized lymph-node transfer, LVA techniques, Lymph-lymphatic transfer,
  Liposuction, Prophylactic lymphedema surgical approach, Other surgical techniques, The future of lymphedema surgery).

– Wound Care

– Physical treatments

– Compression Therapy

– Volume Measurement and follow up tools

– Filariasis

– Podoconiosis

– Controversies in Lymphology

– Chylous Disorders

– Prevention of lymphatic disorders

– Interventional Radiology

– Diagnostic and therapeutic protocols

– Pharmacotherapy

– Guidelines

– Patient education

– New Technologies

– Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Specialty

– Lymphedema International Day – Lecture and workshops for patients

– Education in Lymphology

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